Inventory of Illinois Tornadoes from November 17

The National Weather Service has a nice summary table of the 24 tornadoes that struck Illinois on November 17, 2013 [updated on December 2: the NWS now counts 25 tornadoes in Illinois]. This includes the locations, start time, EF rating, path length, fatalities, and injuries. They are available here as a pdf file on the Lincoln NWS website and below as an image.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us give thanks to the National Weather Service for their forecasts ahead of this tornado outbreak, their tornado warnings as this system exploded that Sunday morning, and their extensive damage surveys after the event. The number of deaths and injuries probably would have been much higher without their excellent work. Also thanks to all the news media in Illinois that covered this event as it unfolded and their coverage of the aftermath. And finally, thanks to all the good people of Illinois who showed their resilience and compassion during this extraordinary event.

[Updated December 2, 2013]


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About Jim Angel

I have been the state climatologist for Illinois since 1997 and have worked at the Illinois State Water Survey since 1984.
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