First Half of April in Illinois – Warm

Based on preliminary numbers, the statewide average temperature for the first half of April is 54.0 degrees, 5.4 degrees above the 1971-2000 average.

The statewide average rainfall for the first half of April is 1.65 inches, 0.22 inches below average. Rainfall ranged from under an inch in far northern Illinois to over 2 inches in far southern Illinois (see map).

April rainfall
Rainfall for April 1-15, 2011, for Illinois.

2 thoughts on “First Half of April in Illinois – Warm

  1. […] was 31 F yesterday prior to that. But my perception of what April has been like has been off; statewide (but perhaps not in Peoria?) rain is actually down a bit….and temperatures are actua… and rain is slightly down. I suppose what has happened is that we’ve had a unusually warm day […]

  2. The weather in April changes from week to week so it’s hard to get an overall impression. We started off the month with above average temperatures but the last week has been well below average. However, it has been wet in most areas with more rain today.

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