New Drought Monitor Map and Fall Forecast

Busy day today with the release of the latest US Drought Monitor map showing an expansion of D0 (abnormally dry) farther into southern Illinois and some adjustments to D2 (severe drought) in west-central Illinois. I think we can rule out the “abnormally dry” conditions in parts of Cook county after Wednesday’s rain. While the impacts of the rapidly developing drought have been seen in crops and yards, the fall harvest is slowly getting underway.

il_dm (2)

The new outlooks for October and October-November-December and beyond were released today by the NWS Climate Prediction Center. What is most significant about these latest forecast is that they have removed the increased chances of a wet fall. It has been replaced with “E.C.” which stands for equal chances of above, below, or near-average precipitation. However, there is an increased chance of above-average temperatures in October for Illinois.